Sunday, 1 September 2013

Different shades of blonde hair dye

Different shades of blonde hair dye

Dying your blonde hair can be many things. To some it is a regular hassle they need to cope through to maintain their natural color when they start to turn gray, but to others it is a form of expression and art. Hair coloring has come a long way in the past few decades, and the few drab colors that were possible in the yesteryear are now a stark comparison to the number of different shades available today. Of course, with so many shades it can be daunting to try and choose a new color, but with a little insight you'll be able to tell apart the many different shades of hair dye.

Cool shades of blonde have bases of either green, blue, or violet and suit paler skin and eyes. These shades include ash and pearl, as well as any number of mixed variants of these basic colours. Pearl has a violet undertone which neutralises yellow and gives a platinum blonde result close to white, whereas ash is a more intense colour. Ash shades are blue-violet based in lighter colours and gradually contain more green the darker you go.

As the undertone of a hair color may sometimes show through too strongly, it is important to understand which tone a shade contains to avoid choosing one you won't like.

Warm shades of blonde suit darker skin and brown eyes. These include beige and golden blonde colors which contain varying amounts of yellow pigment. Strawberry blonde which contains copper tones and can also be considered a warm shade is an exclusion to the rule in that it works better with paler skin and blue or green eyes which appear more vibrant next to copper or red tones.